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How to Save on a Caribbean Vacation Home 

January 13

Written By Morritt's


How to Save on a Caribbean Vacation Home 

Dreaming of a luxurious Caribbean vacation getaway? How about one that you can call ‘your own’?

A place in the sun, overlooking pink-white sands and sparkling blue ocean, is an aspiration many of us have. But it’s also huge financial commitment – one that, given the high price tag attached, remains a pipedream for many.

Or does it? Having millions in the bank is no longer a prerequisite to claim a little piece of paradise. There are other options available – the kind that the vast majority of us regular folk can afford.

But where, how, why and when? Let’s take a closer look. 


Where? The Cayman Islands!

Nestled in the western fringes of the Caribbean – just northwest of Jamaica and south of Cuba – the Cayman Islands is long-established as a dream vacation spot. 

A safe and family-friendly destination, Grand Cayman – the largest of the three islands – is just a 90 minute flight from the US. 

With some 30,000 expats living on island; some 2 million vacationers visiting every year; and attractions such as Seven Mile Beach, Stingray City and the Cayman Turtle Centre – as well as a whole host of watersports, sunspots and pirate caves to enjoy – it’s no wonder that so many visitors come back year after year.

But – beachfront real estate aside – given the cost of a cruise or luxury resort stay, surely a visit to the Cayman Islands is more an anniversary trip or retirement vacation than an annual occurrence? 

Not when the price is just US$100 a month.

And yes – just two zeroes. 


How? Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership – aka timeshares – have had a bad rep in the past. Or more specifically, timeshare salespeople have.

But you won’t find any high pressure sales tactics or buyers remorse here at Morritt’s. We let our surroundings speak for themselves. 

After all, who wouldn’t want year-round access to an oceanfront luxury resort, righin Grand Cayman’s exotic East End? Where you’ll find on-site restaurants; a spa; access to scuba diving, snorkeling and other land and watersports – as well as swim-up pool bars! 

That’s exactly what we offer our guests – access to all of this through affordable ownership. Plus, they never have to worry about maintenance, security or other costs – it’s all included. 

You don’t get that when buying a vacation home. 


Why? Quality Time for You & Your Loved Ones

For many people, from all walks of life, fractional ownership is a chance to experience luxury year after year: for themselves and their families. 

Family life, as demanding as it can be, is fleeting. One moment, the kids are heading out for their first day at school, and the next it seems they’re graduating college.  

18 summers. Each one counts. But the memories families make are there forever. This is what our guests tell us, year after year. It’s what keeps them coming back.  

From a practical perspective, fractional ownership guests have the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade the number of rooms they can access as their family grows.  


When? Right now!

No time like the present! Dollar for dollar, fractional ownership is a lot cheaper than any other vacation home option.  

But… what if you want to experience something different? A new destination or resort? Well, all Morritt’s owners can swap their weeks at locations all over the world, via our partner Interval international. 

However, we think you’ll like it here. After all, where else can you have your cake and eat it – in lush tropical surroundings? Where all you have to do after you arrive is check-in, grab your key and start enjoying your own piece of paradise. 

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