Caribbean Beach Resort

Welcome to The Cayman Islands… Once Seen Never Forgotten!

Three beautiful Islands all unique in nature combine to create a Caribbean vacation experience like no other. The most amazing shades of blue can be found only here! The Turquoise blue of the Ocean, The Cobalt blue of the deep sea, and the Crystal clear Caribbean waters that lap powdery white sand beaches and clear blue skies that go on forever. Find out more about the Cayman Islands and our Customs & Traditions at

Caymankind is a reverence for our history and culture – a celebration of all that makes the Cayman Islands so unique. Whether it’s dancing along West Bay Road during our annual Batabano parade, taking part in Heritage Days during Pirates’ Week or simply sitting down to an authentic Sunday afternoon fish fry, in Caymankind you’re never very far from the past — even when you’re reveling in the present. For opportunities to participate in cultural events visit

While in the Cayman Islands Feel Free to Do Some Sightseeing and Enjoy Our Beautiful Islands

If you are the adventurous type there are an abundance of world class excursions and experiences you can enjoy while you are here…like swimming with Dolphins, Deep Sea Sport Fishing, Blue Marlin Hunting, Jet Ski safari’s, Giant Sea Turtles, a Hike into the bush on the Mastic Trail or a Bioluminescent Kayak Tour through the Mangroves in the Moonlight.

If you’re looking for something far more relaxed and laid back then enjoy the miles of untouched natural white beaches you will find in The Cayman Islands. Swim in our clear tranquil waters and experience something like no other.

Grand Cayman

You will love life on Grand Cayman. Located between Cuba and Jamaica, this friendly, English-speaking island is a dependent territory of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s great financial centers. The island has an air of prosperity with about 60,000 inhabitants working mostly in the financial and tourism industries. The Cayman Islands are one of the world’s most popular dive destinations. Indeed, it’s the diving, the snorkelling and the crystal clear Caribbean waters that entice so many of our guests to become Morritt’s owners.

Our members are literally out the door, onto the beach, and into one of two dive boats that anchor right in front of our Resorts. Of course, you don’t have to dive to love it here. This is also a snorkeling paradise, a great place to kick back on the beach or visit some of the island’s world-class attractions. Drive into the capital George Town, where cruise ships line up and where you can enjoy a day of shopping, great food and sightseeing.

Sister Islands

The Sister Islands are easily accessible with daily flights to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac for a real taste of Island Life. Known for our sparkling waters and pristine beaches, all three islands offer world class Scuba diving & Snorkelling ( Listed in the worlds top 20 divesites). Talk to your Resort Host about how you can Explore the Reef, Dive the Wall or Snorkel around the Islands.

Things to Do

You’ll never be short of things to do in The Cayman Islands. World-class scuba divingsnorkeling, and sailing are just the beginning of your Islands’ adventure. The Islands’ history is rich in exotic detail, as a visit to our Museums, Botanic Park and National Trust clearly demonstrate.

World class diving and snorkeling in the Cayman Islands is among the best in the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands is home to some of the most popular and sought after Caribbean dive sites by beginners and experienced adventurers alike. There’s no better way to experience a Caribbean vacation than under the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by colorful corals and exotic wildlife.

For those that would rather spend their time on land, your Cayman Islands vacation will be just as adventurous or equally tranquil. From laying out on some of the top beaches in the Caribbean to hiking through unspoiled forests and caves, your Cayman Islands trip will keep any couple looking for a romantic honeymoon.