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Dear Fellow Owners,


The 2019 Annual General Meeting for Morritt’s Tortuga Club, Ltd and Morritt’s Grand Resort, Ltd has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 23rd 2019 in the main lobby building at Morritt’s Resort in Grand Cayman.


We have a morning presentation for resort owners (Tortuga and Grand) followed by each resort Association’s Annual General Meeting. The morning presentation will cover a general overview of resort operations and updates followed by a question and answer period. The afternoon Annual General Meeting will be for the purpose of electing Directors for the next term.


The scheduled timeline is as follows:


Joint Association Presentation: 

10:00AM – 12:00PM – Presentation for both Associations followed by Q&A

Morritt’s Tortuga Club, Ltd – Annual General Meeting and Director Elections

1:45PM – 2:45PM

Morritt’s Grand Resort, Ltd – Annual General Meeting and Director Elections

3:00PM – 4:00PM


Owners and individuals entitled to attend all of the above programming are only those owners in good standing and/or owner representative(s) with a valid executed proxy (and the owner is in good standing) for each respective association. Good standing means all assessments then due and payable by him/her have been paid on or before the date of the Annual General Meeting, inclusive of special assessments, if and when applicable. In addition, owners and individuals who are entitled to attend will be entitled to discuss issues when such action is available.


Morritt’s Tortuga Club, Ltd – Board of Directors Meeting

                4:00PM – 4:30PM

Morritt’s Grand Resort, Ltd – Board of Directors Meeting

                4:30pm – 5:00PM


The agenda for the Board of Directors meeting is the election of officers, approval of the 2020 budget, and the selection of independent auditors.




The following members in alphabetical order by last name have each expressed their desire to run for the office of owner elected board member. To view each of candidate’s bio or to print out and proxy simply click on the appropriate name.


Morritt’s Tortuga ClubMTC 2019 PROXY

               John Brown       

               Melinda Demarse

               Myron Holtz  Incumbent

               Manfred Lissinna  Incumbent


Morritt’s Grand Resort – MGR 2019 PROXY

                Phil Estes  Incumbent

                Kristin Otto

                Daryl Thompson  Incumbent


If any member has any questions about any part of the election process or how to assign a proxy please contact customer service at 1-800-447-0309 or email Bradley Huskey at

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